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Friday, August 05, 2005

We Will, We Will Fuck You

When you think of Canada, you think of love making, tree hugging, awol soldier hiding people who can't pronounce words like "about"... all in all, nice folks. When you think of New York you think of.. gosh I don't even want to begin all the terrible things you think of, basically the stereo typical New Yorker ain't to cute... but they're supposed to be tough and have some balls. If this is the case, then why are New York bands so fucking gay? And why do we have to wait for a band from Montreal to come to town in order to get our rocks off?

Well thank the Rock Lord, coz he sent Priestess our way, and last night they "fucked us" at Sin-e. I should start from the beginning and explain, that singer Mikey Heppner got their set started with the following introduction, "We're Priestess from Montreal, and we're gonna Fuck You." Somehow thats a little more appealing than hearing a band go, "We're from New York and we're Soft." Somehow... just... a little more appealing... Priestess played a full on stadium rock ready set, complete with all the necessary ingredients, hit songs, drum solo, fog machine, light show... that had the crowd pumping fists in the air. And yes, they did an encore.

Go listen to them (key track is "Run Home"):

or, for their best song "Talk To Her"
go here


At 9:58 AM, Anonymous Jackson said...

I'm afraid I must respectfully disagree sir Carnivore. The only way that Preistess fucked anyone was by serving as the replacements at Bowery on Friday for the far-superior Black Mountain. After two songs that seemed intended as advertisements for the pleasures of deafness, my friend and I had no choice but to flee the venue disappointed, and frankly angered that we couldn't get a refund on tix purchased to see actual "music."

At 11:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Priestess sucks. Your blog sucks. Give it up.

Spamming BrooklynVegan ain't gonna help you anymore.

Find something better to do with your life, you're wasting your time here.

At 11:44 AM, Anonymous clair said...

while Priestess may suck, Manhattan Carnivore (the blog) does not, if you don't find it entertaining (you're a fool) don't read it

At 9:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Priestess were fucking awesome. a total pleasant surprise. Real rock. Great singer and amazing drummer. My friends and i were blown away.

At 3:56 PM, Anonymous Lori said...

It must take a New Yorker to appreciate genius. I had the great fortune to see and hear Priestess on July 30 at the Horseshoe in Toronto. I've been promoting them ever since - can't wait for "Hello Master" due in September. Even got a big, sweaty hug from the best vocalist in rock (ever) - Mikey Heppner.

At 6:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahahah thats great


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