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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Secret Machines / Kings Of Leon @ Roseland

Last night I went to see The Secret Machines at Roseland for their show with Kings Of Leon (and terrible opener Helio Sequence). The last time I had seen TSM was almost a year ago in a small room down on the LES, which didn’t do justice to TSM’s grand sound, its space rock after all. And yes, the sound at Roseland does usually suck, but a big “cold” room like Roseland seemed to be a good fit for TSM. TSM’s have an interesting stage dynamic with the drums and keys book ending the stage and guitarist Ben Curtis in the middle. It’s strange to have him in the center because he only sings backing vocals, but its pretty hot because he’s pretty hot with all his rock star moves and freak-out dancing. During their set I witnessed some truly horrifying moments; like a fat Guido guy vigorously dancing and mouthing the lyrics to all their songs and 15 year old prep school boys throwing their hands in the air like they didn’t care, or rather because it was the only way to relate to music that they knew, fucking little monkey idiots. Anyway, if TSM have Guido’s and prep school boys rockin’ out with their cocks out to the music, all I can say is holy shit. The worst part of TSM’s set was that it lasted like 3 centuries and by the end of it anyone who wasn’t in the midst of a testosterone rampage was exhausted.

The kids went even more ape shit for Kings Of Leon; moshing, crowd surfing, and starting clap alongs in almost every song. Unfortunately, rather than working with an audience that they had in the palm of their hands and proving themselves a great band, or at least a band on their way to greatness, KOL gave off the vibe of a band just trying to sustain the hype. It took half the set, and maybe 5 tunings of his guitar before their singer Caleb was confident enough to step out from behind his microphone and move around the stage… and the only semi energetic, crowd-rousing thing that he did all night was to awkwardly throw his microphone stand at the stage in the last song. With his pink drum set, Nathan was definitely my favorite, and he was the only King who actually was a good player. Anyone who has eyes knows KOL are really hot, and anyone who has listened to them at all knows that they have some really good songs, its just too bad that KOL play their songs like a band of tools rather than a band of musicians.


At 9:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

its all a joke, its about time everyone knew that Kings of Leon are just the new version of boy bands

At 8:24 AM, Blogger r_neg said...

My friend Chris Brashear is a big fan of Kings of Leon. He also played in the World Series of Poker. He used to be a bartender at a Hell's Angels bar. He also used to have a job dressing up as the Warner Brothers frog.

I don't like Kings of Leon...

At 10:07 AM, Anonymous chris said...

your review of the secret machines set was right on point.


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