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Friday, August 19, 2005

Columbia's "Killers"

It seems that Columbia signed Elkland ages ago, but Elkland have yet to hit their stride. Their record is alright, and their video for "Apart" is kinda cute, with Jon Pierce dancing around like a temperamental toddler, and with Columbia behind them you'd imagine they'd be pretty popular by now... but no. Even after 10 nights opening for Erasure at Irving, Elkland are still playing clubs like The Delancey, which they did last night, along with a host of god awful bands. One reason Elkland isn't successful could be because Jon Pierce believes its a good idea to wear pink pants and a half zipped sweatshirt onstage. While he may look like a toddler in their video, in person he is a hulking and massive man, who looks like he could be on the Russian Gymnastics team... teamed up with tiny guitarist Adam Kessler and tiny keyboardist Joel Tarpin, who look like brothers, its an interesting stage dynamic to say the least. Oh, and Jon's real brother Jesse drums for them. Their set last night was short, possibly too short, but people seemed to enjoy it, especially the gay guys. Even if Elkland don't ever become hit makers for Columbia, they could still become quite successful with the gay crowd.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Coldplay at the VMA / Eminem in Rehab


Coldplay VMA

Eminem Rehab

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Starsailor Set To Make Comeback With All Important 3rd Album

Just as the Coldplay propaganda machine has reached full effect, and the backlash is starting, as reported on Starsailor, one of those mellow band to emerge post Coldplay is set to make a comeback with their 3rd album, released on Oct 17th. The album is called "On The Outside" and was produced by Rob Schanpf (Beck, Vines etc), Capitols go-to guy for producing all their mainstream "indie" records.

Friday, August 12, 2005

New White Stripes Video for "My Doorbell"

Watch it exclusively on AOL Music. Is it just me or is this song really, really boring? Don't be fooled by the cute little children in the video, this is not a good song, you don't have to like it to be cool.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I Like The Like

I remember hearing about The Like, like way over a year ago when they were releasing eps, like on their own.. and I remember thinking hmm, they're okay... and then seeing them in Teen Vogue and thinking hmm they're okay... and then the other day i was like browsing around online, and i came across The Like's flashy new website and see holy shit, they're signed to Geffen. When did that happen? Does Geffen sign every band right out of High School from LA? If so, here's a couple of heads ups... The Like Version 2.0 and The (lil') Doors

So yes, The Like's debut comes out in September produced by Wendy Melvoin (an original member of Prince and the Revolution), and co-producer John Goodmanson (Blonde Redhead, Bikini Kill, Deathcab for Cutie). They were in town last night to do the standard early Mercury Lounge showcase, before heading out on tour with Tore Me Anus.

Catch them at Jones Beach on August 17th.

Tonight Only: FREE Crap @ the South Street Seaport

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah play the South Street Seaport tonight for FREE @ 7pm.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Secret Machines / Kings Of Leon @ Roseland

Last night I went to see The Secret Machines at Roseland for their show with Kings Of Leon (and terrible opener Helio Sequence). The last time I had seen TSM was almost a year ago in a small room down on the LES, which didn’t do justice to TSM’s grand sound, its space rock after all. And yes, the sound at Roseland does usually suck, but a big “cold” room like Roseland seemed to be a good fit for TSM. TSM’s have an interesting stage dynamic with the drums and keys book ending the stage and guitarist Ben Curtis in the middle. It’s strange to have him in the center because he only sings backing vocals, but its pretty hot because he’s pretty hot with all his rock star moves and freak-out dancing. During their set I witnessed some truly horrifying moments; like a fat Guido guy vigorously dancing and mouthing the lyrics to all their songs and 15 year old prep school boys throwing their hands in the air like they didn’t care, or rather because it was the only way to relate to music that they knew, fucking little monkey idiots. Anyway, if TSM have Guido’s and prep school boys rockin’ out with their cocks out to the music, all I can say is holy shit. The worst part of TSM’s set was that it lasted like 3 centuries and by the end of it anyone who wasn’t in the midst of a testosterone rampage was exhausted.

The kids went even more ape shit for Kings Of Leon; moshing, crowd surfing, and starting clap alongs in almost every song. Unfortunately, rather than working with an audience that they had in the palm of their hands and proving themselves a great band, or at least a band on their way to greatness, KOL gave off the vibe of a band just trying to sustain the hype. It took half the set, and maybe 5 tunings of his guitar before their singer Caleb was confident enough to step out from behind his microphone and move around the stage… and the only semi energetic, crowd-rousing thing that he did all night was to awkwardly throw his microphone stand at the stage in the last song. With his pink drum set, Nathan was definitely my favorite, and he was the only King who actually was a good player. Anyone who has eyes knows KOL are really hot, and anyone who has listened to them at all knows that they have some really good songs, its just too bad that KOL play their songs like a band of tools rather than a band of musicians.

Monday, August 08, 2005


I've been drunk all weekend and am only beginning to recover now... More show news soon, but some advice.. don't go to the zoo while you're drunk or hungover.. Do Not Go to the Zoo.

Friday, August 05, 2005

We Will, We Will Fuck You

When you think of Canada, you think of love making, tree hugging, awol soldier hiding people who can't pronounce words like "about"... all in all, nice folks. When you think of New York you think of.. gosh I don't even want to begin all the terrible things you think of, basically the stereo typical New Yorker ain't to cute... but they're supposed to be tough and have some balls. If this is the case, then why are New York bands so fucking gay? And why do we have to wait for a band from Montreal to come to town in order to get our rocks off?

Well thank the Rock Lord, coz he sent Priestess our way, and last night they "fucked us" at Sin-e. I should start from the beginning and explain, that singer Mikey Heppner got their set started with the following introduction, "We're Priestess from Montreal, and we're gonna Fuck You." Somehow thats a little more appealing than hearing a band go, "We're from New York and we're Soft." Somehow... just... a little more appealing... Priestess played a full on stadium rock ready set, complete with all the necessary ingredients, hit songs, drum solo, fog machine, light show... that had the crowd pumping fists in the air. And yes, they did an encore.

Go listen to them (key track is "Run Home"):

or, for their best song "Talk To Her"
go here

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Oasis, Pixies, Beck, The Killers To Play Keyspan Park In Brooklyn

Oasis, Pixies, Beck, The Killers, Jet, Belle & Sebastian, Gang of Four, New York Dolls are lined up to play a new festival called "Across The Pond" in New York at both Keyspan Park and Richmond County Bank Ballpark this October 1st and 2nd.

If you have info about tickets, post it.

NME Article
XFM Article

Your Chance To Meet... *Gasps* THE HOTTEST BLOGGERS EVA!

Oh my rockness, I'm sooo giddy right now... because tonight, August 3rd at Pianos I'll have the chance to meet "the people who make the NYC blogging world go 'round". Ultragrrrl, Miss Modern Age, Melody Nelson all in the same room, can you imagine that???

I can, I saw it happen like 2 weeks ago at Vicious Suck Fest at Southpaw, so big fucking whoop.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Soft All August...

Ok, so apparently SOFT didn't get the memo: "Doing A Residency Doesn't Guarentee Your Band Success", because believe it or not, SOFT have jumped on the band wagon and booked themselves their very own residency. That's right folks, put the Viagra away, you can be soft all August at the Delancey, here are the dates...

August 4
August 11 w/ Saints & Lovers
August 25

Besides spreading ED around NYC, SOFT plan to head across the pond to get soft in the UK as well. I'm afraid the British may actually enjoy how bland this band is. They had one song that was vaguely reminiscent of what could have been a good song in the mid 90s... but they took it off their website. Go figure? I'm going to bed.

Oh, and one last thing... good news for anyone who is going to the SOFT residency... its free if you wear a "soft" tshirt...

I've got some cookies for whoever gets into a fight with the bouncer over what constitutes as a "soft" tshirt.